where to retire in Colombia

I have read many queries regarding retirement in Colombia and in other countries.  I don’t believe that there is one particular area that is substantially better than all the rest.  Each of us has his/her own likes and dislikes.  Some like the warmer climate and some like it cooler.  Others like to be close to water and especially the ocean.  In my case, I live in a small barrio called Sabaneta.   Sabaneta, Colombia is the next barrio to Envigado, Colombia.  For the longest time it has been secluded somewhat.  However, nowadays it is fast becoming the new Pablado of Medellin.

What is Pablado and why do people like living there?  Pablado is very upscale.  The infrastructure is similar to what you find metropolitan cities around the world.  Pablado is filled with all kinds of bars, discos and restuarants.  Everything seems to be upscale.

As nice as Pablado is, many residents are selling their homes and moving to Sabaneta.   Sabaneta is quite during the week.  However, on the weekends

A Beautiful View Of The Coffee Plantations

A Short Trek In The Hills of Sabaneta

there are lots of festivities going on.

Why is this small village so popular?  Well it’s kind of like where the East meets the West scenario.  You will find beautiful condos there, a lovely mall and the rapid transit (not sure of the name) going to Sabaneta.  The restaurants are many and they are very affordable.  They continually clean the streets.

Look in the trees surrounding the town and you will often see a small piece of wood nailed the tree.  They are everywhere.   These Colombians love their birds and they often leave fruit for them.  I loved the pretty blue birds that seemed everywhere.

A nice walk behind Sabaneta into the hills and coffee plantations is healthy and full of surprises.  I saw many birds on my walks and on small species of parrots are abundant there.


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