Bogota, Colombia Apartments: How To Find A Cheap Accommodation

Traveling and vacationing in Bogota, Colombia and many other countries nowadays has slowed down allot.   Economic factors are mostly to blame as most people are more concerned about living on their paychecks from month to month.   It is no surprise then that many vacationers are turning to other vacation spots to quench their thirst for traveling.

There is much talk about Colombia and the newspapers love to feed off any negativity that comes out of that country.  This is good and bad for travelers.  First, because of the negative way the news portrays Colombia the country is not swamped with foreigners.  Second, the cost for a vacation in Colombia is very affordable.

It should also be noted that the infrastructure throughout Colombia is pretty darn good.  The major cities are more metropolitan than you would expect.  Bogotá, Colombia for example has an amazing transportation system.  The water is very clean and there are seldom electrical outages you see in other countries.

Colombian Stocks Climb, Led by Oil Shares; Peso Appreciates – Wall Street Journal

Colombian Stocks Climb, Led by Oil Shares; Peso AppreciatesWall Street JournalBOGOTA–Colombian stocks climbed Friday, pushed higher by gains in oil shares, while the peso strengthened sharply against the dollar. The Colcap index, the benchmark for C …

On the Road with Joanne Robinson: Bogota, Colombia « From the


The Filarmónica Joven de Colombia. A few weeks ago we had the incredible experience of traveling to Colombia to make our international debut in Bogota. Our trip was profound in ways we could have never anticipated.


Café Renault de Bogotá: buena carta y ubicación pero pésima atención (algo imperdonable en Colombia)

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@shakira bueno primero que todo como estas soy de bogota colombia y me gustaria hablar contigo tengo todas tus canciones y soy una de tu fan

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Bogota Women

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