Posted by: Reputation Manager | July 23, 2008

Bogota Colombia on Steriods

I wasn’t exactly excited with the music in the background of this video on Bogota, Colombia. But I was impressed the effort it took to make this vid and many of the pictures of Bogota. I spent almost a year in Bogota and spent much of my time exploring the city. This is a huge mega city of around 8 million people.

I have many stories to share about Bogota Colombia and hope that others will share their stories too. I rented an apartment in Bogota from a woman named Martha. She is an educated woman who rents out her apartment and rooms to foreigners. See Martha’s apartment for rent in Bogota for more details.



  1. I am living in Bogota Colombia right now and I am staying Martha’s place at It’s beautiful during day here and kinda cold at night. Bogota is a sprawling city with many modern buildings.

    I did look around for accommodation in Bogota, but I found it very expensive. I looked at the Platypus Hostel and it as just to rustic for my liking.

    Anyway, I am renting this apartment in Bogota, Colombia and I like it very much.

    The city is so exciting. I spend very little time in my apartment

    • Yes it can get get nippy at night in Bogota. I am happy you like Martha’ place. I hear that the government is going to clamp down on on apartment rentals in Bogota. Apparently the hotels which are terribly expensive are complaining about all the rooms and apartments for rent by private citizens. They want a monopoly on all the tourists and visitors to Bogota. It may be more difficult to find vacation rentals in Bogota in the new year. According to the new law, anyone caught renting out to people on a short term basis will be subjected to a hefty fine. Many private rentals will suffer. More and more people who want a short term rental in Bogota will be forced to pay the high prices in the hotels.

      • Hi Lost:

        Bogota, Colombia is a great city. But I have to say it is hard finding decent long term accommodation in Bogota. And much to my surprise the cost to rent an apartment or room is expensive. You can find a room in a hostile but often you will have share the kitchen and washroom with everyone else. The fridge in most hostiles is full and you will be hard pressed to find room for your own food.

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