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Christmas in Bogota

December is so close.  Colombia goes all out for the Christmas festivities.  Lots of lighs and lots of noise.  I found that allot of Colombians had fires going on the streets where they cooked food.  They drank, ate and danced to all hours of the night.  If I came close to one of these families celebrating they would always offer me food and drink.  Many of them wondered what I was doing in their country.  I would just tell them that I was a lost gringo and they would laugh.

When I first went to Colombia I stayed in a guest house.   It was clean but there was very little privacy.  The woman who owned the house would serve the same breakfast everyday.  I got got bored of these meals and found a nice panera that served delicious coffee and cakes.  panara

Nice thing is about this place is they also served a lovely breakfast and lunch.

As much as I like eating out, I still like to cook my own food at home.  After walking the neighborhood I was lucky to find an apartment I could rent.  It was located in a nice apartment building with 24/7 security.   I was informed that I could not have parties in the apartment as the tenants there were all professions and worked.  That was ok because if I wanted to have a drink I would just go out.  I save quite allot of money by doing my own cooking.  Here is a picture of the building:

salitre bogota apartments

I have noticed that owner has a new Youtube video of the place.  Take a look if you like:

You can also take a look at their website here


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Hypnotic Spanish Music of Colombia

Video del concierto Acustico de Alex Campos El sonido del silencio Bogota Colombia … Alex campos el sonido del silencio. Over 2 1/2 million views on youtube.

I know very little Spanish. I have been away from Bogota for almost a year now. There is something about the music that I love. I really miss it. Hopefully I will be in Bogota in January of next year.

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Bogota Colombia on Steriods

I wasn’t exactly excited with the music in the background of this video on Bogota, Colombia. But I was impressed the effort it took to make this vid and many of the pictures of Bogota. I spent almost a year in Bogota and spent much of my time exploring the city. This is a huge mega city of around 8 million people.

I have many stories to share about Bogota Colombia and hope that others will share their stories too. I rented an apartment in Bogota from a woman named Martha. She is an educated woman who rents out her apartment and rooms to foreigners. See Martha’s apartment for rent in Bogota for more details.